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Looking to invest into alternative lending products?

ADS Lending offers investors access to this growing market through our advanced ADS origination platform

Access to property loans secured by first mortgages on category 1 real-estate

ADS Investor investment parameters

Investment Parameters for ADS Investors

> First registered mortgage on existing residential properties in metro areas across Australia.

> No more than 65% LVR on third party valuations.

> Investor returns of 6.5% - 9.5% per annum. Pricing is linked to the LVR of the loan scenario.

> Loan amounts from $250,000 to $3.0 million.

> Loan Term between 1 month and 12 months.

> Commercial loans for business or investment purposes (no coded loans to consumers)

> Investor entity registered as first mortgage holder (ADS acts as agents for Investors)

> Institutional and sophisticated investors only.

How ADS Lending works



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Review loan scenarios as they are sent to you matching your lending criteria


Due diligence

Confirm your interest and ADS will arrange valuation reports and loan agreements to be drafted using our preferred suppliers (these are to be paid by the borrower upfront)



Fund the loan opportunity with funds being sent directly to the borrower with you retaining the first mortgage title on the property



At the end of the loan term, the borrower repays the loan amount to you including all interest and fees

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