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Stak Capital


Department Name

Trade Finance & Bridging Loans

Minimum Interest Rate (% pa)

08% to 09%

Maximum Interest Rate (% pa)

20% and Over

Loan to Value Ratio

80% LVR on caveat/second mortgage, 70% of eligible purchase orders, 80% of eligible receivables, 100% of eligible equipment imports

Excluded Loans

progress claims only with second or first mortgage.

Security Structures

GSA on business for general trade facilities or PMSI behind bank for equipment imports. For property: Caveat protecting an unregistered second mortgage.

Minimum Loan Tenor (months)


Maximum Loan Tenor (months)


Minimum Loan Size ($)


Maximum Loan Size ($)


Business Loan

Asset Backed Loans, Cash Flow Lends, Project Finance, Receivables Finance

Property Loan

Bridge Loan, Site Acquisition

Point of Differentiation

Structured trade finance – Inventory Finance, Purchase Order Finance, Equipment Import Finance, Production Funding (for local manufacturing), Project Finance (for construction materials). We fund b

Product Sheet

Stak CapitalProduct Sheet


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