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How do lenders access ADS deal flow?

Option 1: ADS Raw

ADS Raw is a system for borrowers and brokers to upload their loan scenarios and registered lenders can contact them directly reducing intermediary and search costs.

How it works?

Log in your ADS Lender Portal, contact brokers or borrowers directly on their loan scenarios which match with your lending products.

NOTE: The ADS team is not involved in the loan processing. ADS is not paid any transaction fee for completed loans through ADS Raw.

Option 2: ADS Premium

ADS Premium is for transactions where the ADS team is involved in pre screening the deal, structuring and sending across to the best suited lenders.

How it works?

The ADS lending specialist team contacts relevant registered lenders through our proprietary debt-financing platform to obtain feedback on appetite levels. Indicative terms and offers provided to borrower from interested lenders. Borrower reviews and selects optimal financing structure and proceeds to settlement.

NOTE: ADS is paid a Platform Fee for successfully completed loans through ADS Premium which is a percentage of the loan amount - typically 0.75% - 1.25%

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